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Future web technologies

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Everyone loves thinking about the future, whether it’s simply planning a holiday for later in the year or wondering when personal jetpacks will finally be a viable mode of transport and if robots will take over the world once they crack the Turing test.

The only thing you can predict about the future is that it’s unpredictable, of course, but it’s still fun to do and it doesn’t stop articles appearing in various media outlets at the start of the year talking about what’s going to be big in the coming twelve months. And this one is no different. Of course, I wouldn’t dare assume that Star Trek Tricorders will be available in all mobile phones by the year, but given the current state of play with the Internet, maybe there are some trends in Web technology that can be spotted and will grow, hitting critical mass in the coming year. Here, we look at five such possible trends.

CSS3 and HTML5

The next evolutionary hop in the standard for styles and cascade has been around for a little while but could take off this year, along with HTML5.

Much lauded as the ‘Flash killer’, HTML5 is also an evolutionary hop in web standards, upgrading HTML to take into account current trends in web use, perhaps the most obvious being the built-in video element, which helps do away with the need of Flash video on a website. Flash tends to be one of those things that traditionally some developers love, some developers hate, and most end users couldn’t care less about. At least, not until the prevalence of mobile web access and the success Apple’s iPhone and iPad, because neither mobile web browsers or Apple like Flash much.

One of the great things about HTML5 is that, once fully supported across the web, it will allow to embed and playback audio and video content without the need of plugins, which makes it ideal for the mobile web.

Mobile web

This is just as well, because the mobile web is going to get bigger. Or should that be the web is going to get smaller as mobile web browsers and apps start to become the default way to consume content? I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t tell you the last time I logged in to Twitters website, using 3rd party API’s and apps instead.

As mobiles become more powerful, and less like phones and more like mobile computers, this is a trend that is bound to continue. As Wi-Fi and wireless signals of greater bandwidth get rolled out, streaming content to mobile devices is bound to continue as well. It’s already possible to stream music, films and TV shows to mobile devices, and soon games will go the same way.


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