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Marketing Process Overview
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Marketing Process Overview

When you decide to work with us, your project gets in the Research and Marketing Department. Our research team will go through a process of highly targeted research and come up with a concept for your web presence. This Web Presence Platform covers everything from site functionality, to copywriting, to on-going marketing on the Web and off-line too. Read more to see how the research process works for your business.

SWOT Competitors Analysis

It all starts with probing the competition. Your web presence must be aligned in such a way that it will excel in areas where competitors are doing a good job, and do a great job where competitors fall short. Our research team will go through the numbers and come up with Positioning Requirements that are needed for your web presence to always be one step ahead of competitor websites.

Ideal Client Persona Development

Once we sketch out the Positioning Requirements, we do another research to find out what the target audience is. Using the research data, we then develop an Ideal Client Persona. This will be your Joe and Mary Smith, the imaginary people who represent the ideal customers of your business, how they think, how they use the Web, and how they make purchasing decisions.

Brand Persona Development

With the Positioning Requirements and Ideal Client Persona in place, we then go on to develop a Brand Persona, which is basically creating a recognizable character for your web presence. Depending on the positioning requirements and the ideal client persona, your website will need the appropriate personality and communication style so that it converts as much visitors as possible into loyal clients. This will help your business align its message and communication style so it creates the extra nudge needed for the Ideal Client to move beyond the “just looking” phase and make a purchasing decision.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

After we’ve defined your brand persona, how it’s positioned on the market and what is your target audience, we move on to analyze search patterns to define your website’s primary keywords that are profitable. This research will yield a list of key phrases that we will later use in your website’s Site Structure, Content Marketing Strategy and Paid Advertizing.

About us

DREAMS company was founded, as one of the first companies in the field of Information Technology in Macedonia.

Over the years we have done complex projects for many clients from Macedonia and outside. MORE