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Web Design Process Overview
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Dreams web design

Our graphics design services rely on solid marketing analysis and draw from the strategies for brand persona development and is very conscious of your business’ target market. The goal of our design solutions is to capture the attention of visitors and help them engage with your website, so that your business can get tons of business leads from the website.

Below is the process of full-service graphics design that ensures a consistent look and feel in all your marketing and advertizing materials, so your brand is clearly recognizable.

Logo & Identity

With a clear understanding of your brand persona and target audience, our design team crafts several logo mockups and then we all get together to see which one has the strongest potential of communicating your brand’s values and character, and which one is most appealing to your target audience. When we agree on a mockup, the design team develops a working version of the logo around which then we build the graphical identity of your brand.

Print & Communication

With the Corporate Styleguide in place, our design team develops mockups that will communicate your brand’s values in printed form so that your off-line marketing and advertizing conveys the same message your business communicates with its web presence.

Icon Design

With the platform in place, our designers move into specifics. We never use off-the-shelf graphical elements because they diminish the communication potential of your web or print materials. We dedicate a lot of attention to create proprietary icons that are in sync with the overall design standards of your web and print presence.

UX Design

When we get the icons in place, next phase is constructing the User eXperience. This basically means we’re designing your website around the desired emotional response in your target audience. Your brand persona and your target audience is a one in a million combination, and it requires a matching design. You’ll get a fine-tuned graphical design that is unique for your business.

Web Design

After we have the UX, our design team moves on to fleshing out your website with all the needed elements such as icons, company logo, matching colors shapes and forms, matching typography etc. The final outcome are screenshots of how the homepage and individual pages in your website will look like.


When the screenshots are complete, our design team works with the web development team and they “slice up” the Photoshop files into working HTML/CSS version, which is the theme or skin of your website. Once this is done, the skin (aka front-end) is tied up with the admin part (back-end, our custom CMS) and your website is finished and ready for populating with text and images.

Social Branding (Facebook Fan Page, Twitter theme)

When the website is complete and ready for filling up with content, it’s passed on to the Research and Marketing department where our copywriters do their thing with content development. In the meantime, the graphics team uses the Corporate Styleguide and creates your brand’s social face. We focus on developing Facebook fan page design and Twitter theme design that will match your brand, and the demographic profile of people most interested in your brand. This ensures that your brand is recognizable in social mediums as well as being sensitive to the different communication styles that are established on Facebook and Twitte.

Flash Animated Banners

As part of your overall web presence campaign, we also design flash animated banners that you can use in your advertizing efforts. The design of these banners follows strict guidelines to ensure high quality and consistent communication style defined and embedded in your website.

Newsletter Design

If you want to run an email campaign or publish weekly newsletters (and we strongly suggest that you do), our design team will create newsletter skins that you can use in your mailing campaigns. Email is very important and perhaps the most effective tool of extending the Customer Lifetime and improving the Profit-per-Client rate. With your branded email campaign you will easily improve your business profitability without creating a drain on your marketing budget.

In a nutshell, this is the process we go though in creating an outstanding design that is both beautiful and effective for your business.

About us

DREAMS company was founded, as one of the first companies in the field of Information Technology in Macedonia.

Over the years we have done complex projects for many clients from Macedonia and outside. MORE