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Web development
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Web development

Web and mobile development for your company’s needs is a crucial step in your web and mobile presence. Your web and mobile platform should be designed in such a way that it does what you need right now, but it also needs to be flexible enough to both allow and stimulate business growth.

Our development solutions are based on solid research of the market you’re in, as well as your company’s current and future needs. Based on this research, the Development Team gets a clear List of Requirements and Wishes which serves as a skeleton of the development process. Please read through the steps we take to ensure a top quality web and mobile platforms for your business needs.

Customized Content Management System – cCMS

When the developers get the List of Requirements and Wishes, they develop a matching database and engine that will drive your website. This first step is establishing the customizedcontent management system for your website. In this stage we build in elements such as subscription management, ecommerce options, connectivity, the back-end user interface and so on.

UI Development

With the back-end finished, the next step in developing a highly effective website is creating the User Interface that will match the pre-defined and targeted user experience. This means that what the Research team has established as a desired user experience during their browsing is now matched with a matching functionality of the site’s navigation functionality, the way your site manages images and video, how the signup works and so on.

Web Development

When the platform and back-end of the cCMS is finished, the developers team moves on to integrating the HTML/CSS front-end of the website with the cCMS. This means that what the design team has done from a visual perspective now gets grafted onto the web engine to create a functioning website with active menus, icons, homepage elements and so on. This is where everything comes together and the site is a finished product, ready to be populated with texts, images and video.

E - Commerce Solutions

If you intend on running an ecommerce site, our development team will extend the cCMS into a customized ecommerce solution tailor-made for your business needs. The added value of owning your own hand-coded ecommerce platform is that it is inherently secure so you don’t have to worry too much about security. Also, a tailor-made platform will work a lot faster than any other adapted ecommerce software. Lastly, the hand-coded approach means the platform is adjusted to your ecommerce needs, not the other way around. Having this added flexibility really pays off on the long run.

Mobile Apps - Android and iOS

Nowadays, the new buzz word is Go Mobile. Mobile for us today is what the Web was back for the 1990es. If you don’t go mobile, you’ll be left behind. Our development team will build any mobile application your business needs, whether it’s an Android or iOS platform you’re interested in.

Web and Mobile development is a big part of your long term online success. Getting things right the first time means you save endless hours of frustration, cut long term development and maintenance costs, and while your competition is learning through errors, your business grows thanks to a dedicated and high quality website and mobile apps.

To find out more details about your web and mobile needs, please use the Request a Quote form.

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